Shallow: City of Crime

First job

Rokinir’s thoughts: Day 1

It’s about we did something about the Brass Street Runners. That gang is just doing more harm than good in the neighborhood. Some of us have an invested interested in protecting our families. Some like me just want the reputation that would come with it. I’ve done some minor kills for people here and there but taking down the orc and perhaps the bugbear if it troubles us will probably make people understand that I mean business.
We decided to spy on them. Gather some intelligence and see where it’s going. Lana and myself went over around shops to ask about the generally feelings of the gang. The plan is to kill the orc, scare the goblins and then lower the prices, make everything better for everyone. We went in Pommet and Blat’s and found out that this guy named Podicka is exhorting them along with the Brass Street Runners. Then when into the Brewery next to it and arranged to meet a rather arrogant dwarf.
The moment we take that orc down the moment we can asserting true crime in this neighborhood.


JamieHalle Moonhowler

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