Vael Carver


Vael Carver grew up in the poor district of Shallow. His youth was very ordinary, and his entire life might have followed suit, if not for a crazy little thing called love.
By chance, Vael one day met a young noblewoman by the name of Diana. They swiftly fell in love, and though Dianas family never quite approved, they begrudgingly endured Vael’s presence.

A few years later, Vael and Diana were happily married, when Diana suddenly (and suspiciously) fell ill, and passed away less than a week after the first symptom.
Without his wife to vouch for him, Vael was no longer tolerated in the family’s estate, and as he for some reason had been left nothing in Diana’s will, Vael had no choice but to return to his childhood home.
Of course, by the time he arrived, he found out that his parents had passed away during his absent years, and their house had collapsed beyond usability.

A glimmer of hope was found, though, in a secret compartment Vael found under what used to be his fathers bed – a book. To be more precise, a spellbook.
In this book, Vael saw the means of his survival. The means by which he would be able to live comfortably again. The means by which he would get what he deserved.

Vael Carver

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