The Black Bitch

A rumour. But one you would be careful in mentioning...

There is only one known possible depiction of The Black Bitch that is publicly known. The painting itself claims to be of a leading Scholar from the Shallow University, it gives no title. Given its prominence, the detail paid by the artist and no other records of this female scholar, some have theorised that it is the Black Bitch herself. The rumours have never been substantiated.

It portrays a cold woman adorned all in black. Her pale skin is but one of the many contrasts found to an observer with a keen eye. The delicacy with which she holds the bird in contrast to the disdain she has for the observer or artist; the crow itself is studying her in a much closer fashion than the artist may have been able to.

Many have claimed whilst looking at the portrait as to being judged by an absolute power.

None have ever died from staring at the painting, unlike the events surrounding many of the portraits found in the Silent Guild….

— Archivist Altrus Pickt, Keeper of Forgotten Memories, University of Shallow


It’s all damned rumours, fluff and nonsense if you ask me. Which you just did. So feck off and get a statement from someone else.

— Grook Finst, First Historian of Shallow, The Council of Seven

The Black Bitch

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