Rokinir is a 23 year old barbarian coming from the Pale Rock Tribe. He has long strawberry blonde hair with a clean shaved gaunt face and bright green eyes. A small scar runs across his lip from the top right side to his buttom left. He is 6 foot tall and burly and his entire upper torso is covered in woad tattoos.


“There is absolutely nothing spectacular about Rokinir. He was born into the Pale Rock Tribe where he learned to fight in anyway that he can. He enjoys killing and that’s that. He will steal or rob but only to serve as a distraction to his main goal.Murder”
Jervais- bard in the Wailing Cat Inn

“I heard that his entire tribe got massacred for raiding some mobsters caravan and he is trying to figure out who did it and rip their throats out”
Hannah- Bar wrench at the the Wailing Cat Inn

“I’ve seen him trying to control his temper. Everytime I sense that,all I do is just get behind the bar and wait. You cannot believe how many times I had to scrub the floor to get the blood and guts off it”
Geord-Barman at the Wailing Cat Inn

“Sure sure I’ve seen him. Once a man, then a wolf, then a beast his white fur glittering in the moonlight. He often comes back coated in thick wet blood. Now how about that coin now?”
Scrub-local beggar outside the Wailing Cat Inn

“Who the fuck is Rokinir?”
Passerby two blocks away from the Wailing Cat Inn


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