Filwick Flitterwicket

Gnome Bard


Filwick has red hair, green eyes and his skin sometimes show a coppery tint (or maybe it’s make-up, who knows). He’s 59 year old and fancy himself wise. Some protest that adjective very loudly, especially a certain female gnome (who protests too much to not be interested despite what she tries to make people think).

Though the wise bit is still under consideration, no one has ever protested Filwick’s skill with a lute.


Filwick was born in Challow. He is part of the very small Gnome community living in Brass Street. By small, one means that there are currently five families, an old gnome whose stories seem exaggerated at best or the fiction of a sad drunk at worst, a lady gnome whose sharp tongue as so far kept at bay any interested suitor and Filwick. The community used to be bigger but they also used to run a factory and… well, let’s just say that the protection fee were getting higher and the patience of the Gnomes thinner and eventually someone snapped and tried to say no. It didn’t end well.
Filwick was 25 when it happened and clever enough to learn his lesson: when the guy in front of you is taller, meaner and tougher, and your family is on the line, you don’t say no to the guy. You gather your friends, corner the guy in a black alley and you hit him hard enough and fast enough that he doesn’t see you coming and never get a chance to wonder who you are in the first place. Then you go to his house and you make sure no one corners YOU in a dark alley some day. Because family is everything.

Filwick Flitterwicket

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