Cherchye Ø’Mandrab

Male Dwarf - Monk Level 3


Even without the typical armour and helmets of dwarves, there where no ways to confused Cherchye with any other race. A massive skull, green eyes, long dark brown hairs and a red-and-brown beard, both ended in complicated braids, which cover most of his face and back, until far under his elbow.


Build into the heart of Mountains and dragging an amazing amount of wealth, Shallow is a city made for dwarves… except for the « evil touch » and the protection of goblins of course. As part of their trade with, mostly, humans a dwarvish community has settled down in Shallow. When exactly? No one remembers anymore.

Anyway, at some time now long gone, a part of the dwarves of the Haunted Mountains left their kingdom to create a properly dwarvish leaded trade in the growing offshore city. That is how a part of the very ancient Mandrab family settled down in Shallow. From that time, their descendants became known as the Ø’Mandrad, the Mandrab from the Island.

That is where Cherchye, last of four children but first son of the wealthy Ø’Mandrad’s family, was born. As soon as he has been able to walk, the young Cherchye went as far as he could from home to contemplate the incredible city of Shallow. As he went older, he became familiar with lower levels. Growing up in such a filth environment implied some strange meetings through the years and that how he met once or twice some of his future companions during in childhood.

In the Ø’Mandrab family, once you reach the early years of your adulthood, whether your male of female, you have to demonstrate that you are worth being one of them. You are asked to leave the family properties and to only come back with your head held high.

The first choices Cherchye made weren’t really approved. Being part of the Guardians, who accompany the trade wagons to and from the Haunted Mountains and other dwarf’s kingdoms, was honourable. But training as a monk wasn’t not so easily approved… fighting without at least a proper helmet seems terribly weird for some. To the young dwarf, this last decision had been made years before, after seeing a dwarf-one helping his disarmed fellow companions only with his fists.
With all those trips with the Guardians, he quite naturally turned to Hallow, The Wayfarer. During his journey Cherchye had a lot of unpleasant altercations with, mainly, orcs and goblins. His unmasked hate for those two specific races comes from it. Whenever he could avoid sparing a goblin or an orc, as the Shallow laws require it, he would just take the opportunity to get rid of that filth.

Once on his return way, he heard a rumour about a few reminiscent names. In Brass Street, some were trying to put down the Runners and where looking for some more companions. So, as soon as Cherchye ended his mission and before the coming one, he went down to Brass Street and the Willow Cat to find out who those guys were and if their actions could bring him any merit.

Cherchye Ø’Mandrab

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