Shallow, A study in Kleptocracy.

Where to begin?

Many scholars have theorized about the exact nature, purpose and existence of the coastal city of Shallow. Situated on the far rim of Severance, with it’s spiraling towers, suspended bridges, cavernous depths it is more than just a geographical curiosity. Arguably it isn’t even one city at all, but two seperate cities co-habitating in one space. The city above and the city below. Even then some scholars and mystics argue the existence of a third city, hidden between the cracks of both.

The city boasts the largest port and mercantile operation along the entire continent of Carrathon, even though the city is isolated by Mountains on its landside and by the treacherous Dragon’s Tail reef on the seaside. Originally journeying too and from the city was incredibly perilous, now it is just extortionately expensive — even by criminal standards.

To aleviate this a mining project through the Dragon Spine mountains to create a two-way land route to the city has been undertaken, but has been an adventure fraught with perils and disasters, collapses and set-backs.

Shallow continues as an oddity as it is beacon for polar opposites. Both the just and the vile are drawn to it’s name like moths to a flame. Within the bounds of the city zealous justicars, lawyers and

Corruption and justice make strange bed-fellows.

As such the the city has becoming a melting pot, not only of races but of ideologies and professions.

Paladins, vigilantes, merchants ,healers and heroes face off against cut-throats, pirates, thieves,

Beneath this veneer

Extract from A Study In Kleptocracy by Valiar Sequenci, Scholar of Law and Crime at Sicarius Univeristas

Shallow: City of Crime

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